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Freedom of expression of judges and prosecutors: UNHRC report

While the freedom of expression of public officials can be sometimes restricted with a view to protecting the impartiality and independence of institutions, in the event of a breach of the rule of law, judges and prosecutors can be seen as having a moral duty to speak out – says the report.

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Free Courts, Free People – report by Amnesty International

Awareness of the changes in the Polish judicial system implemented by the ruling party, Law and Justice, is growing both domestically and internationally.

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Polish judges demand apology from Prime Minister over comparison to Nazi collaborators

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki compares current judiciary reforms in Poland to legal cleansing in France after the Second World War

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Act on the National Council of the Judiciary before the Constitutional Tribunal

Polish constitutional court delivered a ruling concerning the National Council of the Judiciary. The judgement might be crucial for the preliminary reference proceedings pending before the Court of Justice of the EU.

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Disciplinary proceedings against judges and prosecutors

Since 2015, Poland has been facing an ongoing constitutional crisis which affects the work and position of the judiciary. The numerous legal changes concerning the work of the courts (from top-rank courts such as the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court to common courts) as well as prosecution were accompanied by smear campaigns and attacks against judges and certain prosecutors.

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Six bold resolutions of the Assembly of Representatives of the Judges of the Region of the Regional Court in Warsaw of 20 September 2018

The Assembly of Representatives of the Judges of the Region of the Regional Court in Warsaw points out that the method of forming a part of the membership of the National Council of the Judiciary through the appointment by the Sejm of 15 judges gives rise to serious reservations as to its compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and EU standards

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