Attacking Judicial Independence Through New “Disciplinary” Procedures in Poland


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In the last few months, the use of the new disciplinary procedures has become increasingly bald-faced. Increasingly, the authorities do not appear to be ashamed of their real motives, which are unabashedly political' - writes prof. Piotr Mikuli at I-CONNECT.

A legal institution, which was originally intended to protect and preserve the rule of law, has been distorted into something completely different, a sad caricature of its real function. To disguise this, new regulations on disciplinary procedures are advertised as being more democratic, more transparent, and more just. However, their aim is clear: to accumulate power and to enslave judges to politicians.


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Piotr Mikuli, Attacking Judicial Independence Through New “Disciplinary” Procedures in Poland, Int’l J. Const. L. Blog, Apr. 9, 2019.