Committee to Defend Justice KOS urges President of the European Commission not to give up on implementation of CJEU judgments on judicial independence in Poland

“As a coalition of legal and human rights associations operating in the area of the protection of human rights, associating, among others, the most important associations of judges in Poland, we are writing to you about the implementation of the rulings of the EU Court of Justice by the Polish authorities in the context of the negotiations on the approval of the Polish National Recovery Plan (NRP) and the conditions for subsequent disbursements from the Reconstruction Fund.”

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Judge Monika Frąckowiak: The authorities have demolished the system in Poland

Never before have the judges in Europe been so unified and united,’ says Monika Frąckowiak, judge of the District Court in Poznań.

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Dagmara Pawełczyk-Woicka, head of the new NCJ mk II. ‘Human-chaos’

This means that Łukasz Piebiak has completely lost his influence in the new NCJ. There was always a fierce conflict between him and Pawełczyk-Woicka,’ one of the judges who wish to remain anonymous tells Onet. Others emphasise that the choice of the new head of the NCJ could result in the ‘handover’ of the Council to Zbigniew Ziobro in practice. ‘After all, Dagmara is not only his school friend, but also one of his closest collaborators,’ they point out.

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Responsibility and Solidarity of Lawyers in the 21st Century

The law is not only reacting to current events but is also anticipating upcoming challenges. In the face of all current threats, what we need above all is a sense of responsibility and solidarity – prof. Adam Bodnar reminded students at the NYU

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‘What a bastard’, ‘dick’, ‘the Yanks want to fuck us over with the kikes’ – this is the language of the judges from Kasta/Antykasta group

Insults addressed to independent judges, ‘jokes’ about Jews, insults addressed to ‘moron’ teachers, some of whom need to be ‘kicked the f**k out…’ – this is how the judges from the new NCJ, the disciplinary commissioners and judges from the ministry of justice spoke [’s and Onet’s investigation].

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The Sejm has appointed the neo-NCJ mk II. It contains judges associated with Ziobro’s ministry and from the ‘Kasta’ group

The Sejm has elected 15 members of the new Nationa Council for Judiciary for a second term with the ruling coalition’s votes. They are mainly the members of the Council to date, but there are also a few new ones. The MPs were not discouraged by the fact that several judges belonged to a group on WhatsApp called Kasta/Antykasta.

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‘I won’t let any of the caste members off the hook’. Dialogues of the ‘good change’ judges

‘A queer rainbow’, ‘perverts’ or ‘somehow, I stopped fu**ing caring’ – this is the atmosphere and language of the discussions between the supporters of the so-called good change, including Deputy Minister Łukasz Piebiak in the Antykasta [Anti-Caste] discussion group. We show how a member of the NCJ described the candidates for promotion before the Council as ‘my people’ without any inhibitions.

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20 April 2022

How to hold criminals to account

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and war crimes committed by Russian troops prompt us to reflect on the potential criminal responsibility of the perpetrators. In the diplomatic and legal worlds, there is a discussion on how to create mechanisms capable of holding people criminally responsible for all the acts they have perpetrated.

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Lex Woś. Solidarna Polska wants to ‘deputinise’ NGOs with an Act taken straight from Putin’s Russia

Lex Woś is part of the government camp’s actions targeted at the third sector of social organisations, but the moment is particularly important.

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PiS’s new bill. Protection of the people or protection of the authorities?

The Act on the Protection of the Population, the draft of which ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ obtained, gives the authorities the ability to restrict constitutional freedoms without the Sejm’s control and to remove uncomfortable mayors.

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